Masks Off? Syrian Opposition Changes Flag, Stops Playing Revolutionary Force

Besieged in the Idlib province, the Syrian opposition, interlaced deeply with the former Nusra Front, has undergone another rebranding, changing its flag to bear a Shahada religious inscription.

War in Syria Ended But Terrorist Pockets Remain - UNHCR

The war in Syria is over but pockets of Daesh terrorists and other extremist groups still remain in numerous hard to reach areas, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Middle East and ...

Syrian Forces Free Hostages, Launch Offensive Against Daesh in Safa Region

Some 1,500 Daesh terrorists are believed to remain in this area of southern Syria.

Understanding Afghanistan’s Haqqani Network

One of the leading insurgent groups in Afghanistan is the Haqqani Network. Since occupation of the country in 2001, the group has been held accountable for some of attacks against the American forces ...

Damascus-Kurds Deal Big Defeat to US

On July 27, a delegation of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) visited Damascus for talks with the central government on a ceasefire. The visit to Damascus by SDC, the political branch of the...

What’s Behind US Raids on Syrian Army, Its Allies?

Several months after the defeat of ISIS and other terrorist groups across Syria and particularly Damascus outskirts in sweeping operations led by the Syrian government forces and backed by the Iran-le...

Secretariat News
Congress on Takfīr: the Challenges Ahead, the Duty of Muslim Scholars

According to the secretariat of the World Congress on Extremism and Takfiri Threats, a congress entitled “Takfīr: the Challenges Ahead, the Duty of Muslim Scholars” was held on August 11th in the city...

congress on Uniting the Muslim Scholars against Takfīrī Threats’

On February 2nd 2017 a congress entitled ‘Uniting the Muslim Scholars against Takfīrī Threats’ was held in the al-Ghadīr auditorium in the Iranian city of Bīrjand. Numerous Shia and Sunni scholars par...

Interviews and Speeches
Gas Attacks Fabricated by US, Media as Intervention Alibi

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said issues of chemical attacks in his country were fabrication used by the US as a pretext to carry out an attack against the Arab army.


A former ISIS member going by the pseudonym Sherko Omer tells Newsweek of how he left his native Iraq hoping to join the fight against Assad in Syria, but soon found himself caught up in a horrifyin...