Jordan Foiled ISIS Attack Plot, Arrested 17

Jordan had reportedly foiled a series of ISIS attacks on security installations, shopping malls and moderate religious figures last November.

Iraqi Forces Kill Senior ISIS Commander in Diyala

Iraqi forces have killed a ISIS terrorist group commander in an operation, launched northeast of Diyala province, on Thursday, the security committee of the provincial council said.

Children of ISIS Terrorists Heading to Germany

Over 100 infants and children of terrorists who left Germany to fight for the ISIS terrorist group are expected by in the country amid concerns about the radicalization of minors.

Understanding Afghanistan’s Haqqani Network

One of the leading insurgent groups in Afghanistan is the Haqqani Network. Since occupation of the country in 2001, the group has been held accountable for some of attacks against the American forces ...

Unstated Alliance: US Seeks Longer ISIS Life

End of ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq now makes any longer US military presence in the two countries meaningless, though since the beginning the American military deployment to Syria was uninv...

US New Game in Syria: Arming, Reorganizing Rebels

There is no doubt that the US has examined the field realities of Syria and concluded that Russia and Iran, the two backers of the Syrian government, have the upper hand, contrary to the Western-spons...

Secretariat News
Congress on Takfīr: the Challenges Ahead, the Duty of Muslim Scholars

According to the secretariat of the World Congress on Extremism and Takfiri Threats, a congress entitled “Takfīr: the Challenges Ahead, the Duty of Muslim Scholars” was held on August 11th in the city...

congress on Uniting the Muslim Scholars against Takfīrī Threats’

On February 2nd 2017 a congress entitled ‘Uniting the Muslim Scholars against Takfīrī Threats’ was held in the al-Ghadīr auditorium in the Iranian city of Bīrjand. Numerous Shia and Sunni scholars par...

Interviews and Speeches

A former ISIS member going by the pseudonym Sherko Omer tells Newsweek of how he left his native Iraq hoping to join the fight against Assad in Syria, but soon found himself caught up in a horrifyin...

American writer: US claim on fighting terrorism is contradictory

New York, July 16, IRNA – An American writer has said that US has no single definition for terrorism and is pursuing a contradictory approach regarding the vicious phenomenon.