ISIS, Al Qaeda Terror Groups Spreading in Latin America: Report
Russia has warned that Takfiri terrorist groups as al-Qaeda and ISIS are establishing networks in Latin America to recruit members for their activities in the West Asia region and North Africa, where they have been mainly based
Publish date : 4/30/2019
Publish Time : 13:00:00


Igor Kostyukov, the head of the Russian military intelligence agency GRU, said on Thursday that terrorist “training camps and harbors” were “new risk factors” emerging in Latin America.

Kostyukov was speaking at the 8th Moscow Conference on International Security, an international defense forum gathering defense ministers and experts from various countries.

"They recruit fighters to bolster their ranks in the Middle East and North Africa, collect funds and promote extremist ideology among the region's six-million Muslim population," Kostyukov warned. He didn't name specific countries where the Takfiri terrorist group camps have been discovered.

Extremist activity has been rare in Latin America so far. In a singular case last year, Brazilian prosecutors announced charges against 11 people for promoting ISIS through social media and recruiting militants to send to Syria.

Last year, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales Cabrera said that around 100 people linked to IS and other groups were arrested in his country and deported to where they came from.

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