50 Killed Amid Clashes in Central African Republic
At least 50 people were killed amid violent clashes in a Northeastern region of Central African Republic, according to a local official.
Publish date : 2/2/2020
Publish Time : 13:40:00

Evariste Binguinidji, the official in Haute-Kotto region, told local dailies that armed clashes have continued between Popular Front for the Renaissance of the Central African Republic (FPRC) and the Movement of Central African Freedom Fighters for Justice (MLCJ) since this weekend in Birao region, Anadolu news agency reported.

Binguinidji said at least 50 were killed due to violence and dozens were wounded.

Stating that UN peacekeeping forces were deployed to Birao following mediation efforts, Binguinidji said calm restored in the region and armed groups left the area.

Thousands of people were killed amid clashes that erupted in 2013 when Christian Anti-Balaka and Seleka groups – majority of whom are Muslims.

While 80% of the country is now under control of armed groups, the Central African Republic and armed groups signed a peace deal in February following peace talks held under the leadership of Sudan.

As part of the peace deal, representatives of both armed groups started to become part of the government.

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