Hamas renews call on Saudi Arabia to release Palestinian prisoners
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has renewed its call on Saudi Arabia to release Palestinian prisoners from its prisons, specifically Mohammad Al-Khodari, who is over 80-years-old and is suffering from various illnesses, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday.
Publish date : 4/6/2020
Publish Time : 18:43:00

Saturday marks the first anniversary of the detention of Al-Khodari, who was in charge of relations between Hamas and the Saudi authorities.

Anadolu Agency reported a statement issued by the head of Hamas media abroad, Raafat Murra, calling on the Saudi authorities to release Al-Khodari and the other prisoners.

“We are addressing the voice of reason and wisdom in the Saudi kingdom to end this issue urgently and before the start of the blessed month of Ramadan, for the sake of the Palestinian people and their just cause,” Murra announced.

He explained that Hamas, along with all Palestinian factions, the families of the detainees, and legal and humanitarian institutions are closely following up this issue.

The Hamas official disclosed that concerns about the Palestinian prisoners has increased following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the kingdom.

Murra confirmed that his movement had contacted several parties in order to mediate with Saudi Arabia regarding the prisoners, without naming which parties.

Last month, human rights groups revealed that the kingdom had started holding hearings for the Palestinian prisoners. Hamas official Basim Naim confirmed that the hearings for 62 Palestinians, some of them holding Jordanian passports, started on 8 March.

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