The statement of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about the tragic event in Zahedan
Publish date : 7/10/2016

In the name of the Exalted God


Once again the followers of the wicked idea of radical Wahhabism showed its real nature by killing some of our dear country men in Zahedan. Blind assassinations and brutal massacre and killing the innocent people which are some of the teachings of their infamous and anti-human religion – which neither shows respect towards the House of God nor takes pity on young and old people- shows clearly Wahhabists alienation from Islam and every other human law. This fact that all the victims were Muslims proves their link with the evil Zionist regime and the global arrogance. First we denounce this great crime and congratulate the family of martyrs of this event and sympathize with them and ask the Great God for healing and recovery of the wounded. Then we want the people of this city not to allow this event to cause disunion between Shia and Sunni which is the greatest wish of those criminals. We also want the esteemed state authorities to arrest the real agents of this event and their assistants quickly and powerfully and to punish them for their evil deed soon. They should kill the roots of this terrible crime and be aware that people don’t accept any negligence in this regard. Most surely your Lord is watching.

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