The statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi regarding the demolition of the shrines of Imams (as) in Jannatul Baqi:
Publish date : 7/10/2016

In the Name of Allah the most compassionate the most merciful 


The eighth of Shawal reminds Muslim world especially the followers of Ahlulbait (as) of a very tragic memory. Fanatic Wahhabis 87 years ago (in 1925) did this tragic crime and destroyed the shrines of Imams (as) in Jannatul Baqi’ and ruined the whole historical area yet this unfair and offensive act did not lessen the status of the household of the holy Prophet (saww) and this crime is a good reason for their baseless and deviant beliefs.

They destroyed not only these holy shrines but they demolished arrogantly all the historical monuments remaining f r o m the time of the holy Prophet (saww) and the early ages as well. Whereas all over the globe they spends a huge amount of money preserving and reconstructing their historical (whether religious or non-religious) monuments and invite people to come to these places and they are proud of these monuments since these are the best witness on their civilization and culture.  

There is a very important point here which often has been ignored by Muslims that is, these monuments do not belong to Saudi Arabia or those unreasonable Wahhabis rather they belong to the entire Islamic world and is a precious heritage for all Muslims. Muslims should not have let this stupid minority to demolish these shrines and deprive all f r o m the valuable memorial places which remind Muslims of the holy Prophet, his household and his companions. 

Unfortunately they still tear down any new-discovered historical place and they are a cause of shame for Muslims all over the world. Is not it compulsory on Muslims especially scholars, wherever they may be, to protest against this crime and to tell them “these holy places are not yours to destroy rather they belong to all Muslims so you must reconstruct these Muslim’s heritage as good as it was even better and more glorious.    

If, Allah forbid, these Wahhadi so called “scholars” issue a fatwa that going around Ka’bah and kissing Hajar al-Aswad is Shirk and a sort of idolatry and thus decide to demolish the House of Allah, do the Muslim scholars still remain silent? 


I hope and this is what Muslims generally hope that one day the hands of these Wahhabis are cut off of these holy Islamic monuments and we get rid of them.  Amen O Allah 

Naser Makarem Shirazi



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