Salafist-Takfiri Jihadism: the Ideology of the Caucasus Emirate
Awareness of the Caucasus Emirate terrorist group dramatically increased in the last year due to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and the Boston Marathon bombings which raised questions about the ideology and objectives of the militants in the North Caucasus. The discussion has ranged from declaring the group as secular nationalists, to Islamists, to Salafist jihadists. This article examines the statements and actions by the Caucasus Emirate and its internet-based propaganda platforms to identify with conclusive evidence its true ideology. Ultimately, this analysis defines them as a Salafist-takfiri jihadist group, adhering to all of the core concepts. It is also certain that the Caucasus Emirate is sympathetic, cooperative, and parallel in ideology with al Qaeda while fighting in many jihadist theaters around the world, exhibiting a threat to international security and stability interests.
Publish date : 9/21/2017

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