Wedding Attack Victims Buried As Country Reels In Shock
Victims’ relatives said the government has failed to ensure the safety of the people and it should seek an alternative.
Publish date : 9/16/2019

The bride’s father, Mohammad Ghulam, lost 14 members of his family in the attack that happened at around 11:40 pm Kabul time on Saturday. 

Mr. Ghulam said his sons and nephews are among those killed in the attack. 

“All is happing because of the government,” he said. “There is no Daesh. It is done by the government.”

Ahmad Jawad, a relative of the bride, said he has lost his two sons aged 11 and 15 years. 

“What was the sin of my sons?” Mr. Jawad asked. “I hope the president would face such a fate. He is celebrating the festival of [independence].”  

Six members of another family, including four children, were buried in Qala-e-Bakhtyar area in Kabul. 

The youngest child of this family was six years old.

“My two brothers and four nephews have lost their lives,” said Ahmad Fawad, brother of a victim. 

Mohammad Reza Qurbani, another man who lost his 17 years old son, who worked as a waiter in Shar-e-Dubai Wedding Hall which came under attack on Sunday evening. 

“My son was 17 years old. God knows how much pain we suffer,” Mr. Qurbani said. 

Relatives carrying coffins of six children -- all members of one family -- who were killed in the attack.

At least 63 people were killed, and more than 180 others were wounded in the attack which happened inside the wedding hall where 1,200 guests were attending. 

The Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi confirmed the casualties and said the blast was a suicide bombing. He said the explosion happened at around 10:40 pm on Saturday.

The bombing at a wedding ceremony in the west of Kabul was widely condemned by government leaders, politicians and foreign diplomats in Afghanistan who called it a “terrorist attack” against Afghan civilians.  

President Ghani in a statement said he “strongly condemns the inhumane attack on the wedding hall in Kabul last night”. 

“My top priority, for now, is to reach out to the families of victims of this barbaric attack,” he said. “In response to this targeted attack, I have called an extraordinary security meeting to review and prevent such security lapses.”

Taliban in a statement rejected any involvement in the attack and said they condemn the incidents which target women and children.        

But Mr. Ghani said, “Taliban cannot absolve themselves of blame” because “they provide a platform for terrorists”. 

“Today is the day of mourning,” Mr. Ghani said. 

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah in a tweet “strongly condemns the terrorist attack” and said this “heinous and inhumane attack is a crime against humanity”.

Relatives carrying coffin of a wedding attack victim on Sunday.
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