ISIS terrorist detained in Kislovodsk
Security forces apprehended a supporter of terrorist groups who plotted to blow up a police station where he regularly registered after serving his prison term, the suspect’s female acquaintance said during a questioning, according to a video released by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on Monday.
Publish date : 4/6/2021
Publish Time : 10:29:00

"I was aware of that. He was plotting a terror attack, purchasing components for making explosives. On April 5, he was going to carry out a terror attack at a police station where he had to register regularly," the young woman said. The witness specified that he wanted to blow up the police station and was making improvised grenades for that purpose.

As the FSB press office reported, a Russian national born in 1996 who was earlier convicted for criminal offenses was apprehended in Kislovodsk in the North Caucasian Stavropol Region. He was plotting to carry out an attack on law enforcers with improvised explosives in the interests of international terrorist organizations, TASS reported.

During the search measures, FSB operatives seized components for improvised explosives, striking elements and extremist literature from the suspect and also found instructions for making explosive substances and explosives in his communications means, the FSB said.

The security forces also apprehended the suspect’s three accomplices in Kislovodsk. They were complicit in organizing a channel for financing militants of terrorist structures in Syria. They set up a cell of the Islamic State terrorist organization (outlawed in Russia) for committing terror-related crimes on the territory of the Stavropol Region, the FSB said.

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