31 mercenaries arrested during 47 operations in Al-Hol camp
Leaders of YAT Counter-Terrorism Units reported the arrest of 31 Syrian and Iraqi mercenaries from ISIS cells in Al-Hol camp, including 8 ISIS women, during 47 operations, while operations are still continuing in the camp.
Publish date : 4/14/2021
Publish Time : 15:43:00

The special operations carried out by the Counter-Terrorism Units are ongoing in Al-Hol camp 45 km east of Al-Hasakah, since the end of the "Humanity and Security" campaign last Friday.

On the 28th of last March, the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria launched the first phase of the "Humanity and Security" campaign and ended it after 5 continuous days on April 2nd.

Our correspondent quoted leaders in the units that they had arrested during the past four days 31 mercenaries of Iraqi and Syrian origins, including 7 women who had worked as ISIS cells inside Al-Hol camp.

According to the leaders, this took place during 47 raids and searches carried out in the first, third, fourth, fifth, seventh sections' tents, and a number of mud houses built in the first section of the Iraqis.

According to the leaders, the operations of the YAT Counter-Terrorism Units come based on information obtained by the security authorities during the investigations ongoing with the mercenaries of ISIS cells who were arrested during the "Humanity and Security" campaign.

125 mercenaries, including 20 officials were arrested in the campaign, according to what the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria announced in the statement of their completion of the campaign.

The tasks assigned to the mercenaries who were arrested during the campaign differ between "perpetrators of killings and intimidation, spreading the extremist ideology of ISIS, ISIS women belonging to the committees called Hisbah, and weapons transporters among the cell members inside the camp."

The Counter-Terrorism operations resulted in the arrest of both the first man of ISIS and the cell official in the camp, Ahmad Khashe', known as "Abu Khaled," and the second man of ISIS, Qusay Mohammed, known as "Abu Karar."

Al-Hol camp is one of the most dangerous places in the world, as it is inhabited by the families of ISIS mercenaries; "Syrians, Iraqis, and foreigners," and because of the attempts of ISIS women to reorganize it, carry out killings and slaughter, and spread the extremist ideology of ISIS.

Al-Hol camp includes 60,351 people, including Syrians, Iraqis, and foreigners, distributed over 16,404 families.

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